New Bulk FIBC Bags

Our new FIBC bags are completely made to client specification, and come in a range of finishes that cater to the many industries they are used in. We are committed to providing high quality packaging, responsive customer service and exceptional pricing. See our bulk industrial FIBC bag features below, and navigate to the enquiry form for more information on our new bulk bags on offer!

Bulk Bag Filling Options

Choose from four different FIBC bag tops for your specific filling method requirements:

  • Duffel Top
  • Skirt Top
  • Fill Spout Top
  • Flat Top

Standard dimensions of a filling spout:

  • Diameter: 35cm
  • Height: 50cm

Bulk Bag Discharge Options

Choose from three different FIBC bag bottoms for your specific discharge requirements:

  • Solid Bottom
  • Flat Bottom
  • Discharge Spout

Standard dimensions of a discharge spout:

  • Diameter: 35cm
  • Height: 50cm

*We also offer circular woven polypropylene bulk bags which feature less seams to prevent tearing.

Bulk Bag Lifting Options

Our new FIBC bags feature four woven lifting loops that are reinforced for improved strength. We attach four-point cross corner loops, side seam loops, and many other lifting loop configurations for your lifting requirements. The standard height of the lifting loops above the bag is 30cm.

Bulk Bag Body Materials

Our bulk FIBC bags are constructed using heavy duty woven polypropylene treated with a UV finish that prevents degradation through direct sunlight exposure. Our new FIBC bags have working loads of between 500kg and 2000kg, and the strength of our bulk bags range from 165 GSM to 230 GSM where stronger fabrics are required.

Bulk Bag Liners

Our new FIBC bags can be supplied with liners in roll format or pre-fitted into the bulk bags for convenience. Our liners protect the produce being packaged from moisture or any other foreign matter that might be detrimental. Our types of bulk bag liners include:

Gusset Liner
Form Fit Liner
Conventional Liner

Spout Liners (top or bottom)

Other Bulk Bag Capabilities

Document pouches can be sewn onto your bulk bags should there be paperwork that needs transporting with your cargo

We are able to action letter stencilling as well as company logo printing onto your bulk bags (three colours and featured on two sides of each bag).